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Print Eastwood is the creative studio of Oliver Miles, Franco-American artist, designer, motion designer, based in Nernier, between Geneva and Evian.


During his film studies in Paris where he obtained a diploma in 2D Special Effects, Oliver Miles, a big fan of music, began his career as a graphic designer by making flyers for a DJ friend, to then take care of the communication of a nightclub, then become a print designer for MTV Networks France and finally freelance Motion Designer for Partizan Lab (among others).


Passionate about images, whether fixed or animated, Oliver Miles has spent years storing hundreds of visual references from which he draws inspiration in his work. Having a strong preference for the styles of yesteryear (regardless of the era), he decided to opt for a technique of yesteryear as well: linocut.

After spending years behind a screen as a graphic designer, Oliver Miles wanted to rediscover the pleasure of creating an image "without nets", where any mistake was final and the pleasure of getting his hands dirty, literally. It was then that Oliver Miles discovered linocut by chance in 2015. Immediately in love with this technique, he did an internship in Scotland with Bryan Angus , a linocut artist, in 2016. From then on, his destiny with linocut was sealed.

His work consists of retro graphic processing  on modern subjects including  a note of humor or irony.​  Based on thick contours and bright, solid colors,  Oliver Miles draws his inspiration from old advertisements, comics, book or magazine illustrations,  record covers, sensational newspapers,  archives, cinema, television  and above all, common pop culture.  From the late 1800s to early 2000s,  he likes to revisit the past and mix it with the current world .


Make smile  and reflect, on a background of nostalgia is its driving force.

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